It always feels me with so much pride to read such lovely reviews from clients whether they are tenants or clients.  I spoke to a very successful business man yesterday and he said something to me that made me feel emotional.  He told me I was such a professional person and that if I say I am going to do something I will do it and this is such a rare quality.  He is let down by so many.  He knows I love what I do and I don't want someone worrying unnessarily.  This is what I am here for to guide you through the whole process of renting your property.  To keep you updated without the need for you to call or email me to find out what is going on.  The same applies to tenants renting.  Silence and the waiting is not pleasant and my little updates so you know what is going to happen next is so important.


I had a new tenant asking for help about parking permits today, as she wasn't sure what to do.  She apologised for contacting me and I told her not to apologise as this is what I am here for.  Also, I realised that I could improve on my service to stop this from happening again and in future my Welcome Letter will include the link to apply for a parking permit at Colchester Borough Council.  I sent the link to the tenant rather than just referring her to the website as again navigating something you are not familiar with can take a while. 


Anything to make life easier for tenants and landlords.  Helping people is what I love doing.

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