Letting Your Property


Julevic Property Consultants offers landlords and vendors a competitively priced bespoke property service. With 20 years of experience in the property industry, owner Julie Davis retains her passion for delivering an unrivalled property service in the Colchester area. Having successfully run an award winning local property franchise for 12 years she has launched Julevic Property Consultants to enable her to offer an even more flexible and responsive approach to serving landlords, vendors, and tenants.


  • One point of contact for prompt response to any queries

  • A discerning tenant selection process

  • Tried and trusted contractors for maintenance with no mark up on their invoices

  • Property visits carried out by the same firm who produced the inventory

  • Rents paid daily 6 days a week

  • Transparent and competitive fees with no hidden extras


Excellent Customer Service to all of our clients is paramount and we can tailor our package to suit your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office on 01206 765243 or email at hello@julevic.co.uk


This guide provides you with information and advice to help you successfully let your property safely and in line with current legislation. We will go through the process step by step which is included in the Fully Managed Service. If you chose the alternative service options available this will help you to prepare your property for let. This guide is to give you a good understanding of the processes involved in successfully letting your property.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

This is valid for 10 years and the current minimum rating is E although the Government has suggested a change to the law requiring all new tenancies to have a minimum EPC Band C by 2025 and 2028 for existing tenancies. Some properties may be exempt from having the minimum rating and will need to be classified as exempt otherwise it will not be possible to rent a property with an energy rating of F and below. More information can be found at www.gov.uk If you would like Julevic Property Consultants to arrange the EPC for you please just let me know. An agent is required to display the EPC chart and cannot commence marketing without it.

Landlords are required to make improvements to their property to bring it up to the minimum requirement.

Energy Performance Certificates provide details of how improvements can be made.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

The electrical certificate is required at the start of any tenancy and it is always advisable to have the check carried out before marketing your property as some properties may need to have remedial work done to bring the property up to the required standard. The report is valid for 5 years.

Portable Appliance Test (PATS)

As a landlord, you have a legal duty of care to make sure that your property and any appliances provided are safe to use and an electrician can check the appliances at the same time as carrying out the EICR. It is

recommended that the appliances are checked at every change of tenancy. With Houses in Multiple


Occupation, this is required annually. Any cracked sockets or switches will need to be replaced. If certificates etc are in date new ones will not need to be arranged.

Buildings Regulations Part P

Any electrical maintenance/repair work required will need to be carried out by a qualified person and a certificate of works is provided.

Smoke Alarms

Since October 2015 it has been mandatory for a smoke alarm to be fitted to each floor where there is living accommodation. It is a landlord's responsibility to make sure that mains powered smoke alarms are within date too. The date is normally located on the side of the alarm. Battery-operated smoke alarms need to have working batteries. Smoke alarms need to be tested on the tenancy start date and for it to be recorded that they have been tested and we will ensure that this is done and recorded.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Fuel-Burning Appliances

Carbon Monoxide detectors are a legal requirement for wood and solid fuel-burning appliances and we recommended that one is installed where there are gas appliances also. Any fuel-burning appliances installed after October 2010 must comply with Building Regulations and to have been installed by a HETAS approved engineer and to be certified or the relevant Building Regulations consent obtained. The chimney should be swept before a tenancy commencing and a copy of the receipt provided so this can be given to ingoing tenants.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Following The Health and Safety Executive issuing a new Code of Practice for assessing the risks of Legionella in residential property it is recommended that a competent person carries out a risk assessment of the property. Water storage tanks need to be fitted with a cover and if one is not in place will need to be installed before a tenancy starts. At Julevic Property Consultants we will provide all ingoing tenants with a Legionella leaflet and we will check the property for limescale and in particular mouldy shower heads, which is a known breeding ground for legionella. It is advisable to replace shower heads to avoid any risk.

Gas Safety Certificate

An annual check of the boiler is a legal requirement and needs to be carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer and it is recommended that the boiler is serviced at the same time. All gas appliances will need to be checked.

Certificates for the above items will need to be given to the tenants at the start of their tenancy and we will evidence that these have been supplied. This is needed to enable you to terminate a tenancy at a future date.

Lenders Consent to Market the Property

If you have a mortgage on your property you will need consent from your lender to let your property. If it is a leasehold property, again you may need consent to let from the freeholder or head lessor The block manager for the building will be able to advise you whether you need consent.



Buildings Insurance


Your building's insurer will also need to know that you intend to let your property as there will need to be an amendment to your policy to reflect that it is rented out.

The Furniture and Furnishing Fire and Safety Regulations

If you decide to let your property on a furnished basis you will need to ensure that the furniture and soft furnishings are compliant with The Furniture and Furnishing Fire Safety Regulations. All soft furnishing will need a fire label or proof of when the item was purchased in the way of a receipt. If you have neither of these then the item will need to be removed. There are exemptions for items manufactured pre 1950s and post 1989, but again if you cannot prove the item's date of manufacture they will have to be removed.

The market in Colchester and surrounding areas favour unfurnished rather than furnished and doesn't usually justify any rent increase. Student properties however are required to be furnished and we will discuss Houses in Multiple Occupation below. The same rules apply as above.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

If you decide to rent your property as a HMO you will be required to contact your local authority to check whether you require a licence or need to register your property only. Further information can be obtained from www.colchester.gov.uk. A property that is a HMO will require to have a PATS test carried out annually.

We will need to be provided with the licence before marketing the property. Landlords should be aware that there are severe penalties for non-compliance and operating a HMO without a licence. Julevic Property Consultants will not market a property until a licence has been obtained or supplied.

Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2019

Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2019 gives tenants the right to take direct legal action against their landlord if their property is in poor condition that is not 'fit for human habitation' at the beginning and throughout their tenancy. They can seek compensation and request that the property be brought up to a good state of repair.

The Act sets out what will be considered such as repair; stability, free of damp; internal arrangement;

natural lighting, facilities for preparation and cooking of food; water supply; drainage and sanitary conveniences; ventilation; and facilities for disposal of waster water; and any of the 29 hazards covered in the Housing Health and Safety Rating Assessment.

Landlords need to ensure that their property is in a good state of repair and heating, hot water, and lighting are available. It is important that when tenants identify issues that fall within the Act that they are dealt with promptly to avoid any potential claims

Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

HHSRS extends the Housing Fitness System of the Housing Act 1985 used previously and provides a method of grading the severity of threats to health and safety in dwellings and working on a basis that a dwelling should provide a safe and healthy environment.

There are four groupings of housing profiles:

1. Physiological requirements

Damp and mould growth, excess cold, excess heat, asbestos and MMF, biocides, carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products, lead, radiation, uncombusted fuel gas and volatile organic compounds.

2. Psychological requirements

Crowding and space, entry by intruders, lighting, and noise.

3. Protection against infection:

Domestic hygiene, food safety, pests and refuse, personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage, and water supply.

4. Protection against accidents:

Falls associated with baths etc, falling on level surfaces etc, falling on stairs etc, falling between levels, electrical hazards, fire, flames, hot surfacess etc, collision and entrapment, explosions, positions and operability of amenities etc, structural collaspe and falling elements.

The assessment process determines the severity of each hazard by reference to persons who, based on age, would be most vulnerable to the hazard. The Act also considers potential visitors and not just occupants. Further information can be obtained by contacting your local housing authority.

Deregulation Act 2015

From 1st October 2015 under the Deregulation Act 2015 where a tenant has reported a repair this needs to be responded to within 14 days otherwise the tenant can escalate the issue to the local authority. The local authority can take action and serve notice to the landlord to carry out the repairs and a Section 21 Notice to end a tenancy cannot be issued for six months. If a Section 21 Notice is served before the local authority serving a repair order the notice cannot be relied upon

In addition, it is a legal requirement when serving notice to a tenant that they are issued with the How to Rent Guides, current valid EPC, Gas Safety Certificate if applicable. We refer to this when a prospective tenant requests an application for a tenancy.

Optimising Your Investment Return – preparing the property aesthetically

Julevic Property Consultants will visit your property to advise you on how to maximise it's appeal to potential tenants at the most cost effective route possible. Under the fully managed package we can arrange any works required with local trusted contractors if required.

Fashionable colours come and go and painting your property in White throughout is very popular with tenants. This gives tenants a blank canvass to make it their home. It is also easier to maintain and freshen up between tenancies. Providing the brand and exact colour used is beneficial to tenants as this also helps them to return properties in the same good condition so they can receive their deposit back in full at the end of their tenancy.

The cleanliness of the property is also paramount and it is possible to clean the properties yourself it as long as it is up to a professional standard. An Inventory and Schedule of condition is included within our services except Introduction only. Where there are carpets in a property, again a professional steam clean is advisable although again you can do this yourself. We have the appropriate contractors who can undertake these tasks and we are able to arrange this if required with the fully managed package.

Terms of Business

Before commencing with the marketing of your property we will send you our Terms of Business, which will have our scale of charges. The signing of the document can be done electronically or with a paper copy. If you chose to sign a paper copy you will be given contracts to sign and one will be your contract for safekeeping and the other will be for our records. We will need to verify that you are the owner/s of the property and will need to see photographic proof of ID and one proof of address dated within the last three months. Once this is in place we will be ready to start the marketing process.

Property Owners Form

As well as signing our Terms of Business you will be asked to complete a Property Owners form, as we must have the correct information to provide to the tenants. Any appliances provided are legally required to have instructions manuals and we recommended that a folder be provided with all of this information. The folder will be recorded in the Inventory and Schedule of Condition. We will also need to be informed of any warranties or insurance policies that you have for the property.


Details will be prepared and approval of the brochure is required before marketing to ensure that the information provided is correct. Once approval has been obtained we will start marketing your property.  Your property is marketed via our website at www.julevic.co.uk and On The Market. We will also use social media.

Finding the Right Tenants

Any inquiries received for your property will be pre-qualified to make sure that we are only showing your property to prospective tenants who are in a position to proceed. Anyone expressing a wish to apply for a tenancy will be reported to you for your approval to proceed to the next step.

Providing Correct Information to Prospect Tenants

Once we have received approval to proceed with the prospective tenants we will then send an email to them attaching the How to Rent Guides, EPC, and a draft copy of the tenancy agreement that we will use. This will enable the tenant to make an informed decision to proceed with your property having been supplied with the information they need to do so. It is at this point that we can take a holding deposit which is equivalent to one weeks' rent and payment of the holding deposit shows their commitment to renting your property.

Holding Deposit

Once payment of the holding deposit has been made the prospective tenant will be asked to sign a Relevant Person Holding Deposit Agreement. Under the Tenant Fee Ban Act 2019 the holding deposit can be used towards costs should the Prospective Tenant:

A. Withdraw from this contract before entering into the tenancy agreement,
B. Provide false information for referencing
C. Fail to act reasonably to enter into the tenancy before the deadline for agreement
D. Fail Right to Rent checks

The following costs will be deducted from the Holding Deposit. Any surplus of the Holding Deposit will be returned to the Relevant Person, without interest, within 7 days. The costs that may be deducted from the Holding Deposit can include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Costs of any references or credit checks sought
2. Costs of any administration undertaken to prepare for the tenancy
3. Costs of re-advertising the property to let
4. Costs of any guarantor agreements
5. Costs, in lieu of rent, of keeping the property empty for the tenant

Withdrawal by the landlord:
Should a Landlord withdraw from this agreement, including not establishing the events listed in A to D above, the Relevant Person will be entitled to return of the entire Holding Deposit.


Let Alliance will carry out full checks on our behalf to include employers, credit checks, and a previous landlord reference, if applicable.

Under the Immigration Act 2014, all landlords have the legal responsibility to carry out a Right to Rent check to ensure that the prospective tenants and any occupiers have the right to live in the UK. If you manage a property yourself and a tenant has a limited time to rent you will be required to obtain proof that the tenant has extended their visa to remain in the UK under the Immigration Act 2014 and 2016 and failure to do so could lead to prosecution, fines, and a possible prison sentence. Part of the referencing process for all services offered includes the Right to Rent checks.

In the event of a tenant not being able to provide you with confirmation of their right to continue living in the UK under the Immigration Act 2016 a landlord is obligated to evict any tenant whose time-limited Right 
to Rent has expired and this is why the service that is available to landlords' via Julevic Property Consultants is valuable.

Once references have been completed you will be informed that the prospective tenants have passed the referencing process and the tenancy agreement will be drawn up for approval before signing. Agreements are signed electronically by all parties. Again if you are unable to sign electronically it is possible to send the agreements for signing. There will be three agreements in these circumstances and if there is a guarantor/s they too will each require to have a signed agreement.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition

This document provides a detailed report of how a property has been handed over to the tenant at the start of the tenancy and would be used as evidence if you wish to claim for any deductions at the end of the tenancy. Without proof of how a property has been handed over, it will be highly unlikely you will be able to claim the deductions. To ensure landlords are fully protected an Inventory and Schedule of Condition is included within our packages offered and is carried out by an independent inventory provider. The report will need to be produced at least two days before the tenancy start date and this will need to be factored in when agreeing on the date the property is available from. I also request that you supply me with any cleaning invoices if you have not requested for us to arrange this for you. The inventory will record if the property looks clean to a professional or domestic standard if receipts are not available.

Tenancy Agreements

All of the tenancy agreements used by Julevic Property Consultants are supplied by Training for Professionals who specialise in lettings law and regularly update their agreements in line with legislative changes. Depending on the type of let the appropriate agreement will be issued. We can cater for


Company Lets, No Deposit Agreements and will provide prescribed wording for the different deposit schemes. Julevic Property Consultants will protect deposits with the Deposit Protection Service in their custodial scheme so deposits will not be held by us.

Agreements are sent for signing electronically and if you are unable to sign the agreements in this manner we will need to be advised when we are instructed to market the property so that we can allow enough time for the agreements to be signed.

You are given the choice of either a 12-month fixed-term tenancy agreement or a 12-month tenancy with a six-month break clause which can be exercised by either party to terminate the tenancy at six months. Should a landlord wish to give notice the earliest point a landlord can regain possession would be at six months and two days. The earliest point notice can be served is once a tenant has had a tenancy for a clear 4 months. Therefore this would be at 4 months and one day when a notice can be given. We will also need to allow for delivery and this will be the additional day. All notices are served by hand and need to be served before 4 pm to be classed as delivered on the same day.

Tenancy agreements are required to reflect the property that is being let out and therefore if the property is a flat and does not have a garden any reference to a garden should be removed. The same applies if the property is a house and there is a reference to communal areas. Julevic Property Consultants will ensure this is the case for our tenancy agreements.


Deposit Protection

Under the Tenant Fee Ban Act 2019 a deposit is capped to a maximum of 5 weeks' rent or 6 weeks' rent if the rent exceeds £50,000 per annum. The holding deposit paid by the prospective tenant will be used towards the first months' rent. Deposits will be held with the Deposit Protection Service for the duration of the tenancy. If you wish to register the deposit in an alternative government-approved scheme you will need to inform us at the point of instructing us to market your property. We can provide the required prescribed wording for all of the schemes available. If you decide to manage a property and wish to protect the deposit in a scheme of your choice we will either arrange for the deposit to be paid directly to you or the scheme.

The check-out report is included within the packages we offer and for the Fully Managed package, we will deal with the deposit refund process on your behalf. For our Tenant Find and Rent Collection packages the check-out report will be sent to you to discuss deductions, if required, with the tenant. If you decide to allow us to protect the deposit within our deposit account at the DPS we will need written confirmation from you of how the deposit is to be refunded.


Each tenant is required to receive a set of keys for the property and if a Fully Managed service is required we will also need a management set. We always take a photocopy of the keys handed to the tenant to ensure that all keys are handed back at the end of the tenancy.

Utility Companies

We will be unable to speak to the suppliers for your property without them first being given prior consent to do so on your behalf. We will take a photograph of the meter readings on the tenancy start date and report to the suppliers that tenants have taken up residence and your liability has ended. We will be able to pay your final bill from the rent money received for Fully Managed properties and would only do so if the bill that has been produced is from actual readings.

We will also contact the local authority on your behalf to again notify that tenants have taken up occupation.

Rent and Deposit

We will collect the balance of the first months' rent and arrange for the deposit to be paid directly to our


deposit scheme if we are managing or direct to the scheme of your choice before the keys are handed to a tenant. Our fees will be taken from the first months' rent and any balance due to you will be processed and paid within 2 working hours if your bank is on the faster payments system.

For Fully Managed and Rent Collection services rents are processed daily and will be paid into your designated rent account on the rent due date or if this falls on a weekend on the next working day.

Tenancy Renewal

Three months before the end of the tenancy you will be given the choice to allow the tenancy to roll on as a contractual periodic tenancy which means that the existing tenancy agreement and its clauses will remain the same and continue on a rolling monthly basis. You will also be advised whether rents have increased. If you choose to renew your tenancy for another 12-month term there will be a fee charged to do so and if you can refer to the charges shown in our Scale of Charges and within your Terms of Business. There is no charge for a tenancy to continue on a rolling monthly basis.

The notice period for a periodic tenancy from a tenant is one months' notice in line with the rent period. E.g tenancy started on the 11th of the month the tenant would need to give notice by the 10th of any month at the latest. The rent period, in this case, would be from 11th to the 10th of the following month 
with another months' rent due on 11th.

A landlord is required to give two months' notice and it can be given at any point in the month.


Property Visits

Property visits will be carried out a minimum of six monthly and will be undertaken where possible by the firm that provided the inventory. The report will be sent to you via email. If there are any issues during the tenancy these will be addressed at the time and a re-visit will be scheduled to ensure that the issues have been addressed. Any maintenance required will be highlighted in the report and quotes or works arranged.

Property Repairs

Julevic Property Consultants operate on non-profit maintenance service. All contractors used are required to provide us with the Public Liability Insurance and new contractors will have their works inspected before receiving payment. We request that we are given authority to deal with repairs up to £150 and anything over this we will seek authorisation first before instructing the repairs. We will always inform you of any repairs being undertaken if within our repair threshold so that you are kept fully informed. We are instructing the contractor on your behalf. We will request photographs for the before and after works. You will be sent the contractor's invoice for your records.


If you have your own preferred contractors we can add their details to your property record and they will be contacted on your behalf with the fully managed service.

Income Tax

You are obligated under UK tax legislation to declare all rental income received to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

To help your tax return we will send you an annual statement free of charge and if required we can send this directly to your accountant also.


Overseas Landlord Tax

We are required to deduct tax from rental income for overseas landlords at the basic rate unless we are supplied with an exemption certificate direct from HMRC. Landlords can apply online only for an exemption certificate at www.hmrc.gov.uk/international/nr-landlords.htm 


The forms used for the different landlord types available online are as follows:


Overseas landlord form NRL1i
Overseas Company form NRL2i
Overseas Trustee form NRL3i

It is not possible to apply using paper-based application forms.

Data Protection

We are members of ICO membership No: C1076558 and we take the information that you give us seriously. The information you provide us with is used in four ways:

  1. Performance of a Contract
    We need to collect and process your data so that we can carry out the service you have requested us to do:
    1. Registering you on our database
    2. Providing a full estate or letting agency service to buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants
    3. Providing a full range of buying, selling, renting, or letting services

  2. Legal Obligation
    This is where we need data from you to meet legal requirements:
    1. Protecting against and preventing fraud, unauthorised transactions, tax evasion, or claims.
    2. Meeting Anti Money Laundering regulations.
    3. Confirming your identity.

  3. Consent
    We will process your data as you have given us your clear consent to do so:
    1. To inform you of other products and other services available to you.

  4. Legitimate Interests
    Information is processed by us as part of our legitimate interests. This includes and is not limited to network and security information, opting out of communications, direct marketing, web analytics, updating customer details, lettings, and sales. This is essential to manage risk exposure and agent quality, integrity, compliance, and security of business processes, operate, monitor, evaluate our products, services, and website.

Third Parties

You will become aware of third parties due to the services or products you have chosen:

Buying or Selling
Contractors erecting For Sale/Sold STC boards, the buyer and seller of a property and their conveyancer, domestic energy assessors for EPCs, professional photographers and floorplan suppliers, other estate agents

involved in your sale or purchase.

Your tenant, contractor erecting To Let/Let By boards, block managers for leasehold properties, maintenance contractors, deposit protection scheme providers, local councils for payment/collection of council tax, utility companies for void period bills.


The landlord, the managing agent for the building, maintenance contractors, contractors erecting a To Let/Let By/For Sale/Sold STC board, companies providing references and tenant checking services, deposit protection scheme provider, local council for council tax payments/collection, utility companies, insurance providers in cases of a claim.

You will be advised of the individual third party at the relevant time and when appropriate discuss with you other products and services we can provide.

We will also share your data with The Property Ombudsman, safeagent, and other consumer regulatory bodies as part of our regulatory duties.


How Long Will We Keep Your Information For?

We will keep your data for as long as is reasonable for the purpose set out in our privacy notice, and to enable us to fulfil our legal and regulatory duties.

Your Statutory Rights

You have several rights concerning the personal information we use and these include the right to:

1. Ask us for a copy of the personal information we hold about you
2. Ask us to correct your personal information
3. Ask us to delete your personal information providing we are not legally required to retain this information

Who is the Data Controller

Julevic Property Consultants act as a data controller for the details you provide. Our registered address is 340 The Crescent, North Colchester Business Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 9AD. ICO Registration No: C1076558.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Landlord Information Guide to Letting. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office on 01206 765243 or email





The scale of charges is listed below and does not include VAT as Julevic Property Consultants does not qualify to be registered for VAT, but this may change at some point in the future and you will be notified accordingly.


An amount payable under a percentage fee will go up or down depending on the agreed rent level. Fixed fees will remain the same regardless of the rent level agreed.


Introduction Only Service


£300 payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced through the Agent.


This fee covers advertising the property only and referring any interested party to the landlord for viewings and to provide the paper work.  Additional services are available with the Tenant Find Service.


Tenant Find Service


85% payable for the initial set up for each letting where the tenant is introduced through the Agent.


This includes, advertising, showing prospective tenants around the property, referencing, right to rent checks, inventory and schedule of condition and check out at the end of the tenancy.


Eg. If the monthly rental is £995 you will pay a fee of £845.75


Letting & Rent Collection Service


60% of one months' rent for the initial set up.


This includes, advertising, showing prospective tenants around the property, referencing, right to rent checks, inventory and schedule of condition and check out at the end of the tenancy.


Monthly Rent Collection Fee 6% of the rent received, deducted by the Agent.


Eg. If the monthly rental is £995 you will pay a fee of £597.00 and the monthly rent collection fee is £59.70


Full Management Service


60% of one months rent received for the initial set up, deducted by the Agent.


This includes advertising, showing prospective tenants around the property, referencing, right to rent checks, inventory and schedule of condition and check out at the end of the tenancy.


Eg. If the monthly rental is £995 you will pay a fee of £597.00


Monthly Management Fee 10% of one months' rent


Eg. If the monthly rent is £995 you will pay a monthly fee of £99.50


The fees under the above services are payable when any individual or organisation enters into an agreement to rent the Property as a result of our promotion, introduction, or viewing by the agent.


Additional Charges


Inventory service - £150 (included in Full management, Tenant Find & Rent Collection Services)


Duplicate statements - £5


Professional hourly rate - £75 Charged by the Agent when required to carry out any additional services


Check in - £35


Check out - £120 (included within the Fully Managed, Tenant Find & Rent Collection Services)


Void property inspections - £30 per visit


Tenancy renewal fee - £100


Major works fee 5% - Eg. If the works costs £5,000 you will pay a fee of £250.


In the event of cancellation during a tenancy two months notice is required. No additional fees will be incurred. Any disbursements such as arranging the EPC, the Gas Safety Record or other works will be deducted from the final months' rent if these have not been paid for previously.


To find out more please contact us today, or why not request a free, no obligation, valuation of your property.